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East Penn Soccer Club (EPSC) is committed to ensuring that all children seeking to play soccer within our club are able to do so regardless of financial or economic status.

Financial assistance will be considered on a first come, first served basis and once the financial assistance funds are gone for a particular season, no more aid can be given. In order to spread the assistance as far as possible, we ask each family seeking aid to pay as much as they can afford towards registration. 

Every Kids Sports:
We recommend all our parents who will be registering for our development (recreational) program to first visit our partner at the Every Kids Sports site to review if they may be eligible for the Every Kids Sports Pass. This pass will grant players up to $150.00 in funds to use towards their registration. You can find additional information by clicking on the link below. 



Applications for financial assistance must be made by a player’s parent or guardian. Financial assistance applications will be held in confidence between the parent/guardian and the financial assistance committee for EPSC. Please be aware that a request must be submitted for each season, (i.e. Fall and Spring) and that the receipt of financial assistance in one season does not guarantee assistance in future seasons.

Financial assistance to a player/family may be terminated if the financial situation is resolved, funds become unavailable, or if the player is deemed in conflict with the EPSC requirements for player/parent commitment or behavior.


Deadline for Financial Assistance requests for the Development (Recreational) Fall 2023 season are as followed: June 30, 2023

Deadline for Financial Assistance requests for the Travel 22/23 seasonal year are as followed: July 30, 2022


Fill out the online application and include each eligible player. Form must be filled out completely and accurately. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Upload Proof of Eligibility at the time of filling out the application. All applicants may be required to submit a copy of their most recent federal tax return and W-2 forms for each employed parent. If your child is eligible for their school’s Free and Reduced Price Meal Plan please upload a copy of the Eligibility Notification Letter form as well. Players who are eligible for their school’s Free and Reduced Price Meal Plan are also automatically eligible to receive financial assistance from EPSC. 

The Board of Directors will evaluate every application for financial aid and award scholarships from our financial aid pool based on a number of factors including: 

  • The total number of players requesting financial aid,
  • The financial situation of each family, and
  • The history of the player and the family with our club

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

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